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  • ImageHarsha Raj Gatty, Founder & trainer for Whitewhistle on RTI

    Harsha Raj Gatty is a Founder & Trainer for Whitewhistle on Right to Information. In March 2011, he received a certificate on ''The RTI Act, 2005' awarded by the Centre for Good Governance, Government of India. This greatly encouraged him to start a forum in Mangalore which focuses exclusively on promoting RTI activism. Gatty conducts classes & workshops for the general public and interested groups starting from 11 year old students to government officials.

    Gatty has been awarded a fellowship on the Right to Information Act (RTI) by the Department of Personnel and Trainings (DoPT), Government of India, for the year 2012. He also holds a post graduate degree in Mass Communication.

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NCTC, the new irons nail to chew?

Seems the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) has become a new “sore” for the ruling UPA II coalition government at the centre. While it was obvious for some opposition state leaders to express their concern and condemn the centre attempt to breach the state’s autonomy over internal security, even some ally’s jointly communicated their displeasure over the nonfederal structure of the organization.

Since much details of the NCTC are not available in public domain and are located in some remotest bureaucratic chambers, perhaps this matter would be used by some regional governments that would in future lead to making or breaking the coalition.

Moreover, since passing of this NCTC bill would require ratification from the states, it won’t be surprising if some regional party leaders taking cue from Mamatha Banarjee would tug the central government to a grinding halt with NCTC, just for the sake of power-show in their respective territory.

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