784 teacher positions vacant: 28 schools with zero teachers!

The state of primary schools in the two districts

Aaron D’mello, May 10, 2019, 4:34 PM IST

 Sullia: Only a few days remain for the reopening of schools. If the state of government primary schools is considered, they are facing a major shortage in teachers. The two districts have 28 schools with zero teachers. Even though 784 vacancies have been approved, no appointment has been done.

524 approved vacancies in 7 blocks of DK district have remained vacant. 260 positions in 5 blocks of Udupi district have not been filled. These positions are filled by guest teachers or through deputation. Since the empty positions were not filled immediately, their number is increasing by the year. Ultimately Zero teachers school

All the sanctioned teacher positions are empty at 17 and 11 government primary schools in DK and Udupi districts respectively. Therefore they have been identified as zero teacher schools. Of the approved positions in Mangaluru south, Moodbidri, Udupi, Brahmavar and Karkala limits, even if one or two teachers are on duty instead of being completely vacant, the information from the education officer’s office of the region is stating that there are no zero teachers school there.

Where is the lack?

There are no teachers and the positions lie vacant in schools at Kamila, Maitadka, Karangallu,Paika, Katta Govinda Nagar, Mugeru, Bhoota Kallu and Rangatta Male school in Sullia. These schools have persisted as zero teachers school since many years. Of them, Rangatta Male and Bhoota Kallu schools have been closed due to lack of teachers. Schools at Kombradka, Kumara Mangala, Balyapatte in Puttur, Badipalke and Nidyadka in Belthangady, Amai in Bantwal and Ulepady in Mangaluru east are zero teachers school.

Zero teachers schools in Udupi are at Balmane, Kailkere, Badabepde, Kasadi, Kodabailu in Kundapur, Henberu, Haladi Keradi, Hakuru east, Mavina Karu, Belkallu and Chongi Gudde in Byndoor.

Temporary system!

The vacant positions have been filled by deputing teachers from nearby schools. This is a temporary system used at the beginning of every educational year. Guest teachers are also appointed as per the demand. This is temporary. Guest teachers must submit applications every year. Of the approved positions, if at least 50% of them are filled, then a permanent action can be taken for the betterment of the quality of education by not depending on temporary systems.

Appointment of guest teachers

“Last time, guest teachers were appointed in accordance to the demand. This time, new selection process will be conducted in the month of June and action will be taken on appointing guest teachers. Lack of teachers did not cause teaching problem last time,” says Y Shivaramayya, DDPI, Mangaluru

Proper action

“Guest teachers will be appointed in accordance to the children number. The selection will be held by the first week of June. Importance will be given to not to cause any problem to educational activities,” said Sheshashayana, DDPI, Udupi

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