Aam Tales: New variety of mango named after Amit Shah to hit markets this summer

Team Udayavani, Jun 15, 2019, 4:16 PM IST

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New Delhi: In what can only be called yet another accolade to the new Union Home Minister’s name, a variety of mango has been named after Amit Shah by horticulturist Haji Kalimullah Khan, famously known as India’s ‘Mango Man’.

Khan, a mango grower carefully cultivating a variety of mangoes in his orchards of Malihabad outside Lucknow, had earlier gained fame after achieving feats like growing more than 300 varieties mangoes, all on one tree.

He is also known for naming his varieties of mangoes after famous people, including a particular variety that is named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The latest variety is named after Home Minister Amit Shah, after crossing over Kolkata’s ‘Husn-e-Aara’ and Lucknow’s ‘Dussehri’ types.

The thus named Shah Mango was named after the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) because of his “ability to weave the social fabric and bring people on to one platform”, according to Haji Kalimullah Khan.

He said that the mangoes, to be “good in weight and taste”, are currently ripening and will soon be available in the markets during summer.

Source: DNA India

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