Action to install CC cameras at all PGs

In the backdrop of a lady student’s murder in Mangaluru

Aaron D’mello, Jun 9, 2019, 9:12 AM IST

Mangaluru: Installation of CC cameras at all the Paying Guest (PG) facilities in Mangaluru, which is a destination for work and education, will be made mandatory. The city police took notice and came to this decision soon after the murder of a lady student from Chikkamagaluru at a PG in Attavar in the city.

Presently, 150 PG’s have permit from the city corporation. But it is said that there are illegal PGs functioning in the city which number three to four times the ones with the permit. As if it is true, the Health Department of the corporation conducted raids on 8 illegal PGs from 2019 Jan to May.

Even though there is a rule

There is a rule that a business permit is required to function a PG, but not everyone follows it. PGs are being run in one’s own house or by renting a house as a PG. A copy of an Aadhaar card, EPIC, Ration Card or any other ID proof must be compulsory taken from those coming to stay at such PG facilities. Ot else, the address of the office the person is working at or of the school they are studying at must be taken. But there are complaints that most of the PG owners neglect this rule.

No security, CC cameras

According to Karnataka Security Act, CC cameras must be compulsorily installed at locations with multiple residents as a security measure. Also security personnel must be appointed. But at many places, neither is the PG owner staying there no is there any security personnel. Even though there is a time limit, there will be no one to clearly note the entry or exit of anybody into or from the premises. Since the PGs do not have CC cameras as well, the activity at its premises remains undocumented.

List of PGs within station limits

All police stations have been notified to create a list on PGs within their individual station limits. Once the list is created, the actual number of legal and illegal PGs will be clear. Legal action will be taken against illegal PGs, informed police officials.

Not a PG

The building at Attavar in which the lady student was found murdered is not a PG; it is a rented house, clarified the police. But the building is in the model of a PG, and a room was given to the deceased lady and her friend. The room only had a bedroom, a toilet and a bathroom. In the four floor building, the owner was living on the ground floor. It is not clear if the rooms on the upper floors were given being given on rent or as PG.

New rule assured

Mangaluru, which has several educational and business institutions attract students and employees from not only the city but also from other districts, states and abroad, who come and stay at PGs here. But there is no clear rule or guideline regarding the basic facilities, security and other issue regarding the PGs. Urban development minister U T Khader had proposed about this a few days back and a new rule will be created regarding PGs and home stays in the urban areas of the state, he had informed.

“CC cameras will be made mandatory at all PGs. Already cameras have been installed at some places, and the remaining PGs have been notified. Along with this, the stations have been asked to create a list on the PGS in the city. Once the information is available, proper action will be taken against illegal PGs,” assured Sandeep Patil, City Police Commissioner, Mangaluru city

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