AH Vishwanath is JD(S) party-worker not Congress: Siddu

Team Udayavani, May 22, 2019, 3:51 PM IST

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Bengaluru: Replying to state JD(S) President A H Vishwanath statement that coalition’s coordination committee chief was not doing his job well, former chief minister Siddaramaiah tweeted that he will be discussing this matter in the next meeting of the coalition’s coordination committee.

Siddaramaiah on Wednesday tweeted, “AH Vishwanath is not our party-worker, he’s JD(S) party-worker, so I won’t be reacting to his statement now. This matter will be discussed in the coalition’s coordination committee meeting… @INCKarnataka.”

State JD(S) President A H Vishwanath on Wednesday said coalition’s coordination committee chief Siddaramaiah is not doing well at the post.

Addressing pressperson here he said “I am not only talking about Siddaramaiah. My point is as chief, Siddaramaiah should take both parties together and it is very important to implement the common minimum programme. We have not understood till now the policies, rules and regulations of the coalition. Who will write? It should be the president.”

He further added that, “In UPA 1 and UPA 2, Sonia Gandhi was the president of the coalition committee… She ran 10 years coalition government successfully. She also wrote about common minimum programs… She also implemented it. My question is why it’s not happening here.

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