Akshay not finalised for ‘Ikka’: Jagan Shakti

PTI, Aug 13, 2019, 4:18 PM IST

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Mumbai: Director Jagan Shakti says while the writing work on “Ikka” is almost done, no actors are attached yet, including superstar Akshay Kumar.

Jagan, who has directed Akshay in the upcoming Independence Day release “Mission Mangal”, was rumoured to collaborate with the actor again in “Ikka”, remake of the 2014 Tamil blockbuster “Kaththi”.

When asked about the same, Jagan told PTI, “It’s still in the discussion process, it’s not finalised who will do it. The writing is done. We will get to know who’s doing what because Akshay sir is also busy. So nothing is finalised.

“No star cast is locked. Akshay sir wanted to see what it is, but again, it’s all about dates and other things which need to be figured out. As soon as it’s all fixed, I will let everyone know,” he added.

The original was directed by AR Murugadoss and featured Vijay.

Jagan said while he is simultaneously writing a science fiction film, the remake has got him excited.

“I want to explore that subject because Murgadoss sir is my guru and I loved the script of ‘Kaththi’. It’s a very big scale commercial film… It’s a very big challenge and I want to give it my all.

“I had committed to this long back. I am very thrilled about it because I want to explore my action and song side and make it into a spectacle,” he said.

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