Always plugged in? You might damage your hearing ability

Team Udayavani, Dec 10, 2019, 3:06 PM IST

Bengaluru: People nowadays have become over-reliant on mobile phones however we should not overlook the fact that constant exposure to mobile radiation and continuous use of earphones can lead to temporary or permanent ear damage.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a common ear problem faced by the country’s urban population. Working in a noisy environment or exposure to sudden loud noise can result in sensor neural hearing loss where a nerve in the ear might get damaged temporarily and sometimes permanently.

In most cases, the problem goes unnoticed in the initial stages. Doctors advise that if someone senses a loss in his earing ability they should consult a doctor for a thorough check-up as early diagnosis will help slow down the level of hearing loss.

Sounds which are 40 decibels or less are safe for the ears, while sounds above 60 decibels can cause hearing damage (most of the volume on phones or music players).

The pinna near the outer end of the ear collects and transfers sound to the ear canal. At the canal’s end is the eardrum which vibrates and converts sound energy into electrical energy. Once damaged the eardrum cannot be repaired.

Damages are mostly caused by continuous use of conventional earphones plugged inside the ears, causing damage to the hearing nerve.

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