Around 150 Shanties Gutted in a Major Fire in Noida, No Casualities

Team Udayavani, Jan 5, 2019, 5:00 AM IST

Noida/UP: Around 150 shanties were gutted in a major fire that broke out at a village here early on Friday, leaving hundreds of people, mostly daily wage earners, in temporary shelters, police said.

The accidental blaze at Sarfabad village in Sector 73, which is dotted by high-rise apartments around it, was reported around 3.30 am and was doused by 5 am with 18 fire tenders at service, police said.

“During the probe it emerged that the fire was triggered from the embers of brazier which got carried by the wind in the night. First a nearby shanty caught fire and soon it spread among others, burning around 150 of them,” Circle Officer, Noida 3rd, Shwetabh Pandey said.

Pandey, who was among the first responders to the fire alert, said one person had suffered a minor injury in the incident and others were evacuated in time. The village is home to hundreds of daily-wage earners, including rickshaw pullers, domestic helps and labourers, he said.

“Police have set up temporary shelters and a local group has also supported the cause. The district administration has provided about 250 blankets to the people who have lost their shanties,” Pandey told PTI. Other resources, like food material, was being mobilised by agencies concerned, he said.

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