“Balamangala Express” train once again stops its service

Team Udayavani, May 12, 2019, 4:39 PM IST

Mangaluru: School children are currently in the happiness of summer vacation, but if they visit Kadri Park in their search for fun, they are bound to face some disappointment. This is so because, the “Balamangala Express” toy train has stopped its service and ended up in the corner due to technical reasons.

The train which should have been available for the entertainment of the children has remained locked up in a room since a few months. According to officials, it is doubtful if the train will run for another 3-4 weeks. The toy train has developed complications in its valve and hydraulic engine. The required parts are yet to be received from Bengaluru. Technical experts have already come to Kadri Park to inspect the repair works. Quotation has been submitted for the release of the money required for the repair work and is expected to reach the committee in a few days. The repair works will be undertaken only after the money is released. By this time, the summer vacation of the students will have completed and the school will be reopened.

It started functioning from Jan 7th

The then Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has flagged off the new train on January 7th last year. Even though the train and track work had completed, the train failed to start functioning for some months. Eventually, experimental rounds were conducted. Its official run began in the month of August last year. Although the train ran faultlessly for some months, its run was soon halted after 4 bottle form trees (decorative trees) located on the east side of the park through which the train passes were reportedly hitting the children’s’ hands. Later, the trees were chopped down after receiving permission from the Deputy Commissioner, post which the train resumed its rounds. Now, once again the train service has been stopped since a few months blaming technical difficulties.

Repair work soon

“Balamangala Express” toy train service has been stopped in Kadri Park due to some technical problems. Already technical experts have arrived and conducted inspection. The repair work will be undertaken in the next few days,” informs Usman, Deputy Director, Women and Child Development Department

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