Bank officials should learn kannada to communicate with locals: MP Simha

Team Udayavani, Jun 29, 2018, 11:02 AM IST

Mysuru: MP Pratap Simha said that the bank officials should also learn Kannada.

Addressing a gathering of bank and district officials during District Level Review Committee meeting on the performance of the banks he said, “Bank officials posted in our State do not speak Kannada which makes it difficult for people to communicate. There is a rule where in the officials are supposed to learn Kannada if they get posted in the state. The rule has been ignored. These officials should start learning Kannada so that it helps them to communicate with our farmers or local people. Due to ignorance of local language, the farmers are finding it difficult to communicate their grievances with the bank officials.”

He also opined that if the bank officials failed to learn Kannada in a stipulated time, their appointment should be cancelled.

K N Shivalingaiah, Chief Manager, Lead Bank, said “Based on Kannada Development Authority’s direction, a circular has been issued to all the public sector banks that Kannada training is a must for all the bank staffs and should also be used for all sorts of communications. Since last week, many banks have already started to adopt and practice Kannada.”

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