Boy creates record by swimming 24 Km with legs bound in chains

Team Udayavani, Dec 2, 2019, 12:59 PM IST

Kundapur: Sampath D Kharvi, student of Bhandarkar’s college and resident of Kharvikeri, has created a new record by swimming in Panchagangavali river with both his legs tied with an iron chain on Sunday, December 1.

Sampath started swimming at 2 pm from the railway bridge at Basrur and he reached the riverbank in Gangolli at 5:05 pm. President of Mahakali temple managing committee, Prakash Kharvi bound iron chain to both Sampath’s legs before he set off on the adventure.

A group of swimmers which included Sampath’s father, Devaraya Kharvi, Subrahmanya Kharvi, Mani Kharvi, Ranjith Kharvi and Harish Kharvi provided security for this event. Medical officer of the local government hospital, Vijay Shankar, physical education teacher, Anand Poojary, Ashok Kerekatte, head of ‘Manasa Jyothi’, Shobha Madhyastha, Tallur gram panchayat member, Sunil Kharvi Tallur, and hundreds of fans were present to wish the boy.

Many supporters have followed him in boats and encouraged Sampath by beating drums and Chenda. At Gangolli port, Police sub-inspector, Vasappa Naika received Sampath and lauded his achievement.

Sampath Kharvi said that he has been swimming from childhood and his father is his inspiration. He has practiced for 3 months for this achievement and was confident about completing 24 km with a chain tied to legs.

The swimmer also added that he would like to create India Book of Records, Guinness World Record by swimming with chains tied to both the legs and arms in the future.

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