Cell phone alternative ‘Li-Phone’

Team Udayavani, Jul 18, 2018, 4:55 PM IST

Mangaluru: RDL Technologies, sponsored by Sahyadri Innovation Hub, of the Sahyadri Engineering College has come created an alternative to the cell phone called ‘Li-phone’ which unlike prior emits no harmful radiation, announced Raghav Shetty, head of RDL technologies.

Unique inventions

‘Li-Phone’ is a simple phone with the latest technology. Cell phones work through RF or radio frequency waves. But, ‘Li-Phone’ makes use of LED bulbs. This is a unique invention which is world class, Mr. Shetty explained.

The radio frequencies used by cell phones convert voice, picture and text into digital form and transmit it, which is then received on the receiving cell phone. The medium used here is radio waves. But these radio waves are bad for the human body. In view of various health issues involved in the usage of cell phones, RDL technologies has invented ‘Li-Phone’.

This technology has already received global patent. The institution is ready to introduce this system soon into the communication market, he said.

What is ‘Li-Phone’?

Li-Phone requires LED light. This phone can be used under this light. When the mobile SIM is connected with the cellular gateway, the cell phone calls, messages will reflect on Li-Phone. Later all the work of the cell phone can be done.

Li-Phone does not make use of RF waves. This is so because, RDL’s frequency processor, RF waves are converted into light waves which reach the Li-Phone. There is no radiation emitted here. This technology is a blessing to everyone, said Raghav Shetty.   

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