CM Kamal Nath calls on PM Modi to discuss issues concerning Madhya Pradesh

PTI, Jun 6, 2019, 3:43 PM IST

New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Thursday called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed issues pertaining to his state.

The meeting at the prime minister’s residence lasted about half an hour during which Nath wished Modi for assuming office for the second term, a statement from the Madhya Pradesh government said.

Nath, a senior Congress leader, also discussed in detail about various issues pending with the central government for approval and release of funds to the state government, it said.

He urged Modi to intervene in the matter and get the pending issues cleared and fund released at the earliest, it said.

Modi assured Nath that he will instruct the ministries concerned to clear various pending issues and disburse the funds as early as possible. He further assured him of all possible help in future too, the statement added.

The Prime Minister’s Office later posted a photograph of the two on its Twitter handle. Nath was sworn in as the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh in December 2018.

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