“Crazy!” Rishi Kapoor spots sneakers worth Rs. 27 lakh in New York

PTI, Jun 30, 2019, 12:25 PM IST

New Delhi: While it’s nothing new to splurge on footwear, sneakers worth Rs. 27 lakh are sure to turn some heads.

Actor Rishi Kapoor recently saw a few expensive sneakers at a store in New York and was shocked to see the price tags on them.

Starting from $5,000 (more than Rs. 3.4 lakh), the price of some shoes goes up to $40,000 (Rs. 27 lakh) at one of the biggest sneaker stores in New York, the actor said on Twitter while sharing photos from his visit there.

“Biggest sneaker store I have seen with more than 12,000 styles and models in NY,” he said.

Sneakers are a million dollar global industry and a growing scene of sneaker collectors, or sneakerheads, is driving prices of rare shoes up to surprising levels.

“Zoom on to the prices below and see it. Reminded of the saying. ‘Joota sone ka ho ya chaandi ka-pehna toh jaata hai paon mein’ (whether the shoe are made of gold or silver, it is worn on the feet after all.) Crazy!” the actor tweeted.

Whether or not they are encrusted with gold or silver, these shoes sure do go the extra mile when it comes to luxury footwear.

Rishi Kapoor, along with his family, is currently in recovery after cancer treatment in New York City.


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