CRZ: Sand mining banned from June; problem returns?

Team Udayavani, May 27, 2019, 8:33 AM IST

Mangaluru: Sand mining within the limits of the coastal regulatory zone (CRZ) in Dakshina Kannada has been banned for two months from June. Consequently, problems relating to sand may rise again.

The ban has been implemented as the period between the months of June and August is when fish spawn. If there are no hindrances then sand mining shall resume from the first week on August. At same time, there is a possibility that sand mining along the non-CRZ areas may continue.

Meeting on May 27th

A meeting regarding the 2 months ban on sand mining at CRZ areas will be conducted under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner attended by the officials of the Mines and Geology Department on May 27th. According to sources, discussion in connection to mining at non-CRZ areas will be conducted during the meeting and a clear decision will be taken.

5 months sand extraction

Last year there was a ban on sand mining from June to August 15th. Even after the ban limit, a severe shortage in sand supply was experienced due to survey, identification of sand bars and procurement of permission from the environment department. Sand extraction was stopped at non-CRZ area as well because of some technical problem. After the procurement of relevant permissions, sand mining resumed during the end of November month and started properly from January. Now, sand extraction has been conducted in these areas since 5 months.

The bathometric survey conducted in CRZ areas identified 13 blocks in Netravati with the availability of 4,30,357 tons of sand. This amounts to about 43,027 lorry loads. A total of 9 blocks were identified in Phalguni in which 4,20,270 tons of sand was available amounting to around 42,027 lorry loads. Sand mining permit was provided to around 100 eligible contractors.

Non-CRZ areas

For procurement of permission to conduct sand mining in non-CRZ areas, the earlier existing rules for traditional mining were simplified and the permit term has been extended to 5 years. Therefore, the problem being faced by sand mining in this zone has been resolved.

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