Delhi cabbies fall for fake news, start keeping condoms in cabs

Team Udayavani, Sep 21, 2019, 2:56 PM IST

New Delhi: A bizarre rumour has taken hold in Delhi. Delhi cab drivers are nowadays mandatorily carrying condoms with them to escape challans.

The cab drivers say that if they won’t carry condom, they are likely to get fined.

The odd rumour gained traction after a cab driver Dharmendra claimed to have been fined for not keeping a condom in his cab.

Dharmendra said that he was fined by the traffic police because he did not have a condom in his first-aid kit, however, the challan receipt cited over-speeding as the reason for the fine.

The incident led to cab drivers thinking that keeping condoms are mandatory to avoid challans.

Delhi Sarvodaya Driver Association president Kamaljeet Gill, said, “All public vehicles are required to carry at least three condoms at all times.”

However, the cab drivers are carrying condoms, not for the reason you think.

Kamaljeet said that condoms are used to stop bleeding or to treat a wound. He said, “If any person has a fracture, a condom can be tied at the spot till the person reaches the hospital,” Kamaljeet said.

A cab driver Ramesh said, “I have heard that it is necessary to keep condoms, so I always keep at least one.”

He said, “Till date, traffic policemen have not asked me regarding this. However, many times during fitness tests, the cab drivers have been asked whether they have condoms in the car or not.”

In the Motor Vehicle Act, there is no such rule which directs drivers to keep condoms in their car, a traffic police official said, adding, “No such investigation is done even during the fitness test.”

The officer said that cab drivers should contact the authorities if they are fined for not keeping the condom.

NGO workers have repeatedly educated drivers about safe sex, which might be their reason for keeping condoms, the official said.

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