EDUGUY is one of the World’s First AI-driven Online Academic Guide for Students

Team Udayavani, Dec 6, 2019, 12:47 PM IST

New Delhi: With innumerable career choices and opportunities available to students these days, a whole new area of confusion and a significant need for professional guidance is necessary for students all over the world. Students often become indecisive and confused about what they want to study and where they can study.

Addressing the ongoing and increasing crises of the present and future generations, EDUGUY, a Digital business vertical of famed Indismart Group led by Dr. Suborno Bose, has arrived as a friend, philosopher and guide for students who need help and guidance to decide the right academic career for themselves.

What is EDUGUY?

EDUGUY is one of the world’s first online Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform that will provide the best academic counseling and a unique ‘admission marketplace’ where students will find assistance in finding the right institutions for studies.

EDUGUY is not a random application. Partnered by IBM, this extraordinary AI-based service provides customized answers to meet the needs and queries of every individual student. The site has been designed to serve students from Class 6 to Post-graduation. Based on certain tests and examinations, the AI-driven counselor will be able to suggest the right combination of subjects or professional courses suitable for the student.

Is EDUGUY just a counseling platform?

EDUGUY is a comprehensive online education guide. One of the most unique features of EDUGUY is an ‘Admission Marketplace’, a common arena where students get to find or browse through colleges, universities, and institutions of their choice.

EDUGUY is an open marketplace for students to choose from thousands of colleges and institutions throughout the world. A student can browse through the features, facilities and best courses available at the colleges, universities, and institutions from India and across the world and then decide where he or she would like to go.

That is not all. The best part about EDUGUY is that it provides students the opportunity to apply to the colleges, universities or institutions of their choice directly through the site itself. It’s a complete guide for students that not only suggests but handholds them through the admission process. Students who wish to apply to foreign universities are also provided guidance on what examinations they need to qualify for taking admission there.

How easy is it to access EDUGUY?

EDUGUY can be accessed through the website and mobile application. Both formats have been created keeping in mind the convenience for the present and future generation of students who can access the portal from both their mobile phones as well as their laptops.

What more can we find on EDUGUY?

A group study feature is also available on the site where students from across the world can find other like-minded students to conduct group study among themselves. They can find people with similar interests, challenges, and problems and can form a group where they can jointly study and discuss the issues and subjects together. To help them will be an expert tutor or supervisor called SME, who will interact with these groups and provide expert inputs.

To summarise, EDUGUY is the Google of education, because everything that a student needs to search for his academic career will be available here. It is also like the Facebook of education because millions of students and teachers will be connected through this portal and, most importantly, it’s like the Amazon of education because a lot of college and university profiles, admission criteria and even the admission process will be available here.


EDUGUY, a Digital business vertical led by Dr. Suborno Bose of famed Indismart Group that operates Hotel Schools and Hotels across was established in 1989. It operates International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) which has its campuses across 10 cities of Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bangkok and Samarkand. IAM Hotel School, Scott Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata and Guwahati, 4 star Indismart hotels, International Tower in Kolkata and Woodbourne Resort Goa with a Real Estate business across India, Industrial Catering unit supplying over 10,000 meals a day, all form a part of this conglomerate that has its worldwide offices in Canada, UK and Thailand.

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