Finally, Kunthuru Samparka Bridge built

Chief Minister congratulated through video conferencing

Team Udayavani, Jun 12, 2019, 4:25 PM IST

Alankar: The students of Kunthur upgraded Higher Primary School in Puttur conveyed their regards to the Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy for having constructed a minor bridge along the path to the school under the Shala Samparka Sethu programme for the benefit of the students.

Bridges under the Shala Samparka Sethu programme have been built at various locations in the state and in order to understand the people’s opinion regarding the implementation of this programme, a video conference programme with the CM was organized by the PWD.

In the backdrop of the construction of the footbridge at the cost of Rs 10.10 lakh at Kunthurumajalu Arbi in connection to the Kunthur upgraded Higher Primary School located within Perabe GP limits in Puttur (presently Kadaba) taluk, the students of this school participated in the conference. The video conference was conducted in Arbi area. Teacher J P Jayaprakash Rai spoke with the CM on behalf of the students. Student Pratiksha and teacher Vidya Manjula expressed their opinions.

The drain at Arbi used to overflow during the monsoon making it very difficult for the children to cross it and go to school. Now, because of the construction of the footbridge, it has become convenient for more than 25 students and the other residents here. The bridge provides connection to a temple at Arbi, a church, a masjid at Belwadi and the milk producers cooperative association.

The CM asked if they were facing any other problem which he could note down and accordingly, as the issue regarding the road was being informed to the CM, the collection was lost, informed teacher Jayaprakash to ‘Udayavani’.

PWD assistant engineer Kanishka and junior engineer Ravichandra were present on the occasion. Along with the CM, Deputy Chief Minister Dr G Parameshwar and PWD minister H D Revanna were present.

Conference facility with the CM

“We conducted a conference with the CM in connection to the Shala Samparka Sethu programme as per the direction of the higher officials. The CM started the conference at 11:45am. This footbridge has been created by the Puttur sub division,” informed Kanishka, Assistant Engineer, PWD, Puttur

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