Fishing catching machine by a rural talent will be flying to Japan

Achievement of Kaushik who studied in a government school

Team Udayavani, May 22, 2019, 4:47 PM IST

Bantwal: Catching fish through net and hook methods hurt the fish. Then how can a fish be caught? A boy from rural area near Bantwal has invented a machine for the very purpose has been selected to be showcased at the international science convention which will be held in Japan.

This is the achievement of Kaushik, son of Krishnappa Poojary and Harinakshi couple, residing in Battanadi in Mani Nalkuru village of Bantwal taluk. He has just completed SSCL at the Mani Nalkuru Government Pre-University College High School. Recognizing his talent, SVS College in Bantwal has come forward to provide free PUC education to him.

Kaushik used to create science models from 8th std itself. Observing this interest, his science teacher provided encouragement to his talent. In this way, the machine which was created has passed state and national levels and is now selected for the international level.

Competition in Japan on May 25th

Kaushik’s fish catching machine garnered attention during the district level competition for science model creation and was selected for the state level. From there, he was selected to the national level along with 40 other competitors.

800 contestants competed at the national level; competition held in New Delhi. 19 contestants were selected for the international competition. Of them include Kaushik among four others from the state. This team will be participating at the Sakura Exchange Programme in Science to be held on May 25th in Japan.

What is this fish catching machine?

Normally, fish is caught through net or hooks. In both the methods, fish die. But through the fish catching machine of Kaushik, the fish only lose consciousness and regain consciousness well let out into the water. Only those fish which are needed may be caught while the unwanted fishes may be let back out into the water and this is the specialty of his machine.

The machine operates on a 12 volt battery. There is an inverter to charge the battery. When the attached aluminium rods are placed in the water, the fishes coming in contact with it lose consciousness.

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