Harbhajan reveals Watson batted with bleeding knee in IPL final

PTI, May 14, 2019, 1:19 PM IST

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New Delhi: A dedication personified Shane Watson batted through a bleeding knee in the IPL final against Mumbai Indians, an act which earned him effusive praise from the fans.

While his blood-stained lower was missed by the TV crew, his IPL teammate Harbhajan Singh revealed that the Australian required six stitches after the game, which Chennai Super Kings side lost by just one run.

Harbhajan posted a Watson picture on his Instagram page, revealing the blood stains on his left knee as he struck one hard.

“Can you guys see the blood on his knee.. He got 6 stitches after the game..Got injured while diving but continue to bat without telling anyone,” wrote the Indian off-spinner on his Instagram page.

Watson was run out in the last over after scoring 80 runs but it proved insufficient in the end.

Later, the same picture was released by CSK on its official Twitter handle, prompting fans to appreciate the dedication of the Australian all-rounder.

A lot of CSK fans said they want Watson to come back as opener next season.

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