Hero to launch Maestro Edge 125 and Pleasure 110 on May 13

Team Udayavani, May 9, 2019, 3:22 PM IST

The much-awaited Maestro Edge 125 and Pleasure 110 scooters of Hero are likely to be launched on May 13, 2019. As we know, both the models are nothing but an upgraded version of the current Maestro Edge and Pleasure scooters with higher engine displacement. Maestro Edge 125 was first showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo along with Hero Duet 125 scooter which was later launched as Destini 125.

Maestro Edge 125 shares its underpinnings with its sibling, the Destini 125 and so it gets the same 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine of Destini churning out 8.7bhp power and 10.2Nm torque output. But, these output figures may get slightly retuned in the new Maestro Edge 125 as a fuel-injected variant is expected for the scooter. The highlight features include an external fuel-filler cap, digital-analog instrument console with side stand indicator and service reminder, optional front disc brake, alloy wheels, USB charging point and more.

Coming to the Pleasure 110, it is expected to get both mechanical and external design-wise upgrades. Mechanically, the scooter will feature an updated 110cc engine of the current Maestro Edge model delivering 8.1bhp and 8.7Nm of power and torque outputs. Externally, the new Pleasure will sport a completely revised styling to attract the younger buyers as like the new Maestro Edge 125 with its sharp and sporty styling tweaks.

Maestro Edge 125 will take on its rivals Honda Grazia and TVS Ntorq 125 while the Pleasure 110 to take on Honda Dio and Yamaha Fascino. Prices are expected to be affordable around Rs.50,000 for Pleasure 110 and Rs.57,000 for the Maestro Edge 125.

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