Hindu leaders have given a wrong message to Muslim community: Ansar Ahmed

Team Udayavani, Dec 3, 2018, 3:29 PM IST

Udupi: Chief of ‘Pejawar Swamiji Muslim Fans Association’, Ansar Ahmed has taken exception to the unkind and provocative statements made by certain Pro-Hindutva leaders at a programme organized near Sri Krishna Math here on Sunday December 2.

Speaking of the programme Mr Ahmed said, at the said programme which was meant to put forth a demand for the construction of a temple dedicated to Lord Ram at Ayodhya, Vishwa Hindu Parishad international general secretary, Raghavulu, branded Muslims as demons of the modern era. Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Vishesha Sampark Pramuk, Manjunath Swamy, termed Muslims as terrorists, duly declaring that Islam is not a religion and that Quran is not a religious scripture. Through these utterances, these leaders have given a wrong message to Muslim community.”

Mr Ahmed has asked the organisers of the programme to clarify if the aim of the programme was on construction of Ram temple or was it’s solely aimed at deriding the Muslim community.

“We, the Muslims in this district, are inclined to work day and night for peace and harmonious coexistence. In all the programmes organized by Hindu community, we have been providing cold drinks to the participants on behalf of the Muslim brethren of the entire district. Even for the above programme, we had arranged to supply cold drinks to the participants,” he informed.

“We have been working hand in hand with Hindu community and treating them as our siblings. But the harmony in the district is facing the danger of getting vitiated because of speeches made by stupid leaders. These statements have heaped insult on Muslim community. It has become necessary now to stand up against such things. We know how to work hard for achieving harmony and peace in the district. At the same time, we have the power and potential to ensure that the people making such statements come out of their hysteric state,” he added.

An official complaint would be lodged against the people who delivered instigative addresses at the programme, informed Ansar.

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