‘If elephants can, why not humans?’ Video of elephant throwing litter into trash can goes viral

Team Udayavani, Jul 14, 2019, 1:14 PM IST

Animals. especially elephants, have long been considered to be highly sensitive and intelligent beings. This viral video of an elephant lifting trash off the ground and placing it in the waste bin just reiterates the point.

In a video that was originally shared on Twitter by a user named @NatureIsLit, the elephant can be seen approaching trash that was lying on the ground. It initially seems a tad unsure about what to do but eventually picks it up with its trunk and foot and places it in the dustbin that was right next to it.

If an elephant can, why can’t you?

If the bin was lying right next to it, one could have simply picked it up and placed it there. But turns out, elephants are more sensitive to the environmental changes and pollution than humans.

Watch the video here:

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