Jet Airways shares crack 30 pc; drop to 52-week low

PTI, Apr 18, 2019, 11:45 AM IST

New Delhi: Shares of Jet Airways plummeted over 30 per cent in early trade Thursday, a day after the ailing airline shuttered its operations temporarily.

On the BSE, the scrip hit an intra-day low of Rs 168.60, a fall of 30.28 per cent compared to the previous closing level. The stock is hovering around its 52-week low level of Rs 163 on BSE.

With lenders deciding not to extend any emergency funds, Jet Airways on Wednesday announced temporary suspension of operations.

Meanwhile, in a statement early Thursday, Jet Airways’ lenders said they were reasonably hopeful of a successful bidding process for stake sale.

The announcement came early morning ahead of market opening. Market analysts said the decline in the stock was largely a knee-jerk reaction of the temporary suspension of operations for th

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