Karnataka Minister Seeks Intervention of Defence Minister to Distribute Compensation for Evacuees of Seabird Project

Team Udayavani, Nov 4, 2017, 5:05 PM IST

New Delhi/Karwar: Karnataka Minister for Large, Medium Industries and Infrastructure Development R V Deshpande has urged Minister Nirmala Sitaraman to direct the concerned to enhance the financial power of the Defence Estate Officer, Bengaluru and also to provide more budgetary allocation for the land lords who handed over their land for Seabird project in Karwar.

Land acquisition process was commenced in the year 1986 for Seabird project and an extent of 2480 acres of private land has been acquired. Land owned by 4032 families of 2510 houses at 14 villages in Karwar and Ankola taluks of Uttara Kannada District are affected by this land acquisition.

A total compensation was fixed at Rs.28.32 crores for private lands at the rate of Rs.610.00 per one Gunta of land. Following low land rate, aggrieved at the rate of compensation, 1228 evacuees had filed cases before the civil courts whereas 1485 evacuees moved to the office of land acquisition officer.

These cases are at various stages and in certain cases the civil court has fixed the compensation at Rs. 11,500-00 per one gunta of land and this rate is confirmed by Supreme Court. Apart from this amount the government has to pay an interest at the rate of 15% for the delayed payment, minister said.

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