KSRTC bus-car accident in Sullia kills 3, injures 2

Team Udayavani, Jul 14, 2019, 3:47 PM IST

Sullia: Three people lost their lives and two were injured in a ghastly accident that occurred at Aramboor near here on Sunday morning, July 14. The deceased were travelling in a car which collided into a bus. Apparently the car was attempting to overtake an auto rickshaw, when it crashed head on into the oncoming KSRTC bus.

The deceased are identified as Manjula, a resident of Kolooru Madugere of Chennapatna taluk of Ramanagara district, lost her life on the way to the hospital. Somanna and Nagendra, sustained serious injuries in the collision and later breathed their last in the hospital. All the deceased are natives of Koloor Mudugere.

KSRTC bus-car accident - sullia 2

Two other passengers in the car identified as Tanmayi (12) and the Jayasheela were injured in the collision and are being treated in the government hospital.

The ill-fated car was moving from Ramanagara to Mangaluru while the KSRTC bus was plying from Mangaluru to Kollegal via Madikeri.

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