Lack of rain in 28 districts if the state

Absence of pre-monsoon showers

Aaron D’mello, May 19, 2019, 4:16 PM IST

Mangaluru: Normally, pre-monsoon showers before the arrival of the monsoon are experienced from March till the end of May, but this year, it has become extremely rare.  28 districts in the state have received less than normal rain with a lack of almost 44%. This has only increased the heat.

Every year, Karavali and malnad regions receive good pre-monsoon showers, monsoon and post showers. But this time, the pre-monsoon showers have weakened throughout the state, and other than Bengaluru city and Kolar district lying in the south of the state, all the other districts have faced a rain deficit.

Since a few days, Bengaluru has been experiencing good rain and since March to May 19th, the rain it has received has increased by 5%. The expected pre-monsoon was 88.3mm but the received rain stood at 92.6mm. Similarly, Kolar district which was expecting 66mm of rain received 73.9mm of rain which is an increase by 12%.

In 2018, Karavali had received the highest amount of pre-monsoon showers. It should have rained 178.8mm but the received rain stood at 334.9mm which is an increase by 88%. Dakshina Kannada district had experienced an increase of 172% in rain. However, Raichur faced a rain deficit of 45%.

Udupi district in 4th position

This year there is a lack in pre-monsoon showers and Udupi district stands on the 4th position in comparison to other districts in the state plagued by the deficit. Bidar district is in the first position by receiving only 11.7mm of rain to the expected 41.4mm. The lack of rain is by 72%. Belagavi district is on the second position with a lack of 71% at 17mm to the expected 58.4mm. Raichur is in the third position with 10.5mm of rain to the expected 35.1mm facing a lack of 70%. Udupi district is in the 4th position, It has received 21.8mm of rain to the expected 66.8mm of rain and the lack is by 67%.

Maximum temperatures adversely affect fishing

“The extremity of the present climate is having an adverse effect on fishing. Due to the summer heat, expected amount of fish is not getting caught during deep sea fishing. The fish prefer remain in the depths due to the heat. This has caused much trouble to fishermen,” says the leaders of the fishermen.

Monsoon deteriorated

“There is deterioration in pre-monsoon showers in Karavali and malnad region this time. Since there is surface storm in Dakshina Kannada and the drop in air pressure, Bengaluru and the inner areas in the south have received rain,” informs Shrinivas Reddy, KSNDMC Director

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