Locals take KPTCL officials to task during railway electrification survey

Team Udayavani, Jun 20, 2019, 4:29 PM IST

Bajpe: KPTCL officials who had arrived to conduct a survey for railway electrification work were taken to task by the locals of Kenjar here on Thursday, June 20.

Earlier, KPTCL had installed high tension wire over farmlands and houses located at Kenjar and the villagers here were living a sense of fear due to the risk posed by the wires.

Many lives have been lost due to the high tension wires and recently, a farmer died due to accidental electrocution.

However, the officials have nonetheless opted the same spot for the purpose of railway electrification. But, the officials who arrived at the location to conduct the survey had to face the locals who opposed their move and took them to task.

Speaking of the situation a local explained that the high tension wires, which pass through farmlands and houses has claimed lives of people who were working in the fields and hence the locals were demanding the deputy commissioner and the government to drop this plan.

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