MAHE gives new form to Wenlock OPD

Dilapidated OPD renovated at the cost of Rs 50 lakh

Aaron D’mello, Jun 20, 2019, 8:19 AM IST

Mangaluru: The Out Patient Department of the District Government Wenlock Hospital why was in a dilapidated condition has now received a new look. The 50 years old department has been renovated at the cost of Rs 50 lakh by MAHE University through its social commitment programme.

Two years ago, the Medical Superintendent at the hospital has submitted a proposal regarding the dilapidated state of the old OPD building. MAHE University came forward to take repair work here during the celebration of its silver jubilee in 2018. Accordingly, the work began one-and-a-half year ago.

The renovation work has now been completed and department has got a completely new look. The entire department has been renovated, with the entire OPD undergoing re-plastering. The roof top is in condition and free of any seepage. The building has been attractively painted.

50 years old building

The OPD at Wenlock hospital was inaugurated in 1964-65 and is around 50 years old. Since its inauguration, the building has never undergone renovation and hence reached a dilapidated state. Not only was water seeping during the monsoon, even the paint of the walls had lifted off.

The OPD has been renovated by MAHE University under its social commitment programme during the celebration of its silver jubilee. The entire department has been made attractive at the cost of Rs 50 lakh – Dr M V Prabhu, Dean, KMC, Mangaluru

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