Major circles are the cause for traffic congestion: Former MLA- Vijay Kumar Shetty

Team Udayavani, Feb 6, 2019, 7:51 AM IST

Mangaluru: Claiming that the big sized circles are the root cause for traffic congestion, former MLA Vijay Kumar Shetty has asked the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) to remove all circles in the city.

Mr Shetty visited the major circles in the city including Ladyhill, Bunts Hostel, Kadri, Mallikatte, and others and felt that all the big circles should be removed immediately by the MCC.

Blaming MCC for spending a huge amount of Rs 91 crore for the construction of clock tower Mr Shetty said, “The old clock tower was removed citing traffic congestion, then why is the clock tower being reconstructed here again?” he asked and claimed that it was purely a waste of money.

“All big circles must be demolished and a traffic police constable must be appointed for traffic management there during the peak hours. Only the structure need be removed to facilitate smooth flow of traffic. There is no need to change the name of the circles. A memorandum will be submitted to MCC, district in-charge minister U T Khader and CM H D Kumaraswamy,” he informed.

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