Many voters name dropped from voters’ list without prior notice: J R Lobo

Team Udayavani, Apr 18, 2019, 2:42 PM IST

Mangaluru: Many voters’ names have been dropped from the voter’s list and the list at many polling stations had mistakes, alleged Former MLA J R Lobo on Thursday, April 18.

“The names of voters who cast their vote in the last elections were dropped from voters’ list this time without any notice. At booth number 55 Bikarnakatte, around 200 voters were denied from casting vote because the voters’ list did not have their names. They all voted in last elections and still reside in the same area,” he said.

“Voter’s lists in Ashoknagar, Bendore and many other areas also did not have names. I am asking the authority who gave permission to them to remove the names of voters who are the citizens of India. Whom did they ask before removing the names and why they did not inform the voters about the reason of removal of names? Why did the authorities deny voting rights for people who are the permanent residents of the district?” he asked. “Thousands of people were denied voting rights for not having door numbers. In the city, there are many buildings without completion certificates. Hence, flats do not have door numbers. Due to this reason, many residents of those buildings have been denied voting rights. There are many alternative solutions to add names in the voters’ list. But authorities never followed them. Voting is a fundamental right and for the some minor reasons, the department rejected people their rights,” he claimed.

“At every polling booth, voters’ lists omitted an average 25 names who are permanent residents of particular ward. It is a suspicious act and there are chances of foul play. I demand investigation into this. On basis of records, I am going to file complaint with the Election Commission and chief electoral officer,” said Mr Lobo.

“The missing of names in the voters’ lists shows that the there is defect in the system itself. It will not help for fair elections. It will affect the result also. My intention is to correct the system and highlight the faults. Meanwhile, I request the electoral system to link Aadhaar card to voter’s ID. It will help to reduce errors,” he suggested.

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