Maruti hikes Dzire price

Price by up to Rs 12,690

Team Udayavani, Jun 20, 2019, 7:16 PM IST

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki India on Thursday said it has increased the price of its popular compact sedan Dzire by up to Rs 12,690 on account of compliance with new safety and emission norms.

Dzire is now compliant with “AIS-145 Safety Norms” (both petrol and diesel). Dzire Petrol is also now BS-VI compliant, Maruti Suzuki India said in a regulatory filing.

“This will result in a price increase in all variants of Dzire. Depending on features introduced across variants, the ex-showroom price in Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) region shall vary from Rs 5,82,613 to Rs 9,57,622,” it added.

The new price will be effective from June 20, it said.

Prior to the price hike, the model was available in a price range of Rs 5,69,923 for the base variant to Rs 9,54,522 for the top end.

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