Missing lady found dead in a well

Team Udayavani, Oct 12, 2019, 8:29 AM IST

Udupi: A lady who went missing from her residence on Wednesday, October 9, was found dead in the well of her own house at Herady village in Brahmavar here on Friday morning. The deceased is identified as Rakshitha (19).

Rakshitha was a B Com student, studying at Barkur Rukmini Shedty College. Apparently, she was suffering from an illness and was on treatment from long time.

On Wednesday, the victim had phoned her sister Anitha informing the latter that she was feeling tired. After that she was not seen anywhere and did not respond to mobile calls.

Eventually, a letter was found in her bag in which she said she did not want to live anymore because of her sickness and that was the reason for her committing suicide.

Brahmavar police have registered a case in this regard. The deceased is survived by her mother and a sister.

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