More African nationals held for overstaying in Bengaluru

Team Udayavani, Jun 16, 2019, 7:47 PM IST

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Bengaluru: As many as 12 people from Africa have been arrested here for overstaying, police said on Sunday.

The foreigners had come to India on student, tourist and business visas and did not return despite the expiry of their visas, the police said.

The 12 did not apply for an extension of their visa and stayed in rented houses, they said.

The arrested wanted to lead a decent life here, the police quoted them as saying.

Also, it came to the light that none of them indulged in any crime in their country or in India, the police said.

Cases under Passport Act and Foreigners Act were registered against them, they added.

Early this month, 21 nationals from various African countries had been arrested on a similar charge.

They were detained following a special drive to identify those overstaying after expiry of their visas, the police said.

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