More than 10 dead due to suspected dengue!

DK: The plague persists; 1,027 persons treated in 8 months

Team Udayavani, Sep 18, 2019, 4:30 PM IST

Mangaluru: Although the health department insists that the dengue outbreak in Dakshina Kannada is under control, the number of infected and the suspected deaths are increasing which is a cause for concern.

In the past one week, two youths lost their lives to suspected dengue and thus, the total number of deaths has increased to 10. In the last 8 months, 1,027 patients were treated for dengue and have been healed.

As per the health department, only 3 persons have died due to dengue in the district since the last 8 months. They report that private news TV channel cameraman Nagesh Padu, Veena Nayak of Kadaba and a student identified as Shraddha are the only victims claimed by dengue. A businessman from Puttur identified as Prashant Saralaya and Harshit Gatti of Thokkottu have died due to suspected dengue. Besides, Ganesh Karkera, student Krish, Shridhar Gowda of Kadaba, Karthick Shetty of Bolar Mulihitlu and an eight-year-old girl of Bengre have all died sue to suspected dengue, however it has not yet been confirmed.

Survived dengue; succumbed to brain swelling

Mangaluru: A youth from Ballalbagh identified as Chandrakant (30), recovered from dengue but lost his life on Monday in private hospital due to brain swelling. The doctor who treated him informs that the deceased lost his life due to Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis.

Chandrakant who was suffering from dengue since 15 days was admitted into a private hospital for treatment. Post the treatment, he had recovered completely. However, due to the new condition he developed suddenly, he lost his life.

Rise in viral fever

Due to the changing weather pattern, there is a rise in viral fever. The hide-and-seek game between the sun and the rain has caused fever to many people. Hence there is confusion on whether the fever is a normal fever or dengue. The symptoms of the disease must be carefully noted and doctors advice is well recommended. Cleanliness must be maintained in the vicinity of the house – Dr| Naveenchandra, THO

Beware of mosquitoes

If you encounter any mosquito breeding areas, immediately call the health helpline -104 and inform. If you notice any mosquito breeding centres within MCC limits, inform the corporation control room – 2220306; people welfare toll free number – 155313; if mosquito breeding centre are seen at construction sites contact 0824 – 2410093


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