Meet Narayana, man who has provided assistance in over 1000 final rites

Social service since 27 years

Team Udayavani, Oct 23, 2019, 12:30 PM IST

Udupi: Narayana S Poojary is a resident of Kilanje in Havanje village and in case there in a death anywhere in the vicinity, he promptly reaches the house in pain and provide his assistance in giving the final to the deceased. In this way, he has provided his assistance to over 1,000 final rites.

Started at the age of 30

Narayana S Poojary (57), grew in a poor family. Financial difficulties ended his education in the primary itself and for survival, he resorted to agriculture and day wage labour. He started his work of providing help for final rites at the age of 30 and his work is encouraged by his wife, daughter and son.

Guidance for final rites

Narayana visited the house of the deceased and provided information concerning the essentials required for giving the final rites. He procures and gives dry, live trees required to cremate the corpse with assistance from his friends. Besides, he also creates the pyre is accordance to the size of the corpse and also provide complete information regarding the rituals and methods the family of the deceased needs to follow for the final rites.

Eager since childhood

Since his childhood, he had an urge to participate in the final rites. But his family did not give him that opportunity. However, if someone in the neighbourhood died, he used to go to the house of the deceased and observe the procedure of final rites.

In the present time, when relatives are apprehensive to show their honour for the deceased, Narayana has become exemplary by providing his valuable assistance to the final rites of people who are not his own.


I had a yearning to serve the society and by involving in the final rites of others since the last 27 years, I find satisfaction – Narayana S Poojary, Social Worker

27 years of service

Since the last 27 years, Narayana has provided whatever service that he can provide for the final rites of over 1,000 people. No matter who breathes their last in the village, he will always come forward to cremate the deceased. He performs the final rites without a mistake. Sometimes, in case of giving final rites to a deceased from a financially poor family, he will also provide financial support.

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