No water supply for four days from May 20

Team Udayavani, May 15, 2019, 7:36 PM IST

Mangaluru: With the water level in Thumbe dam falling to 3.96 metres on Monday, the Mangaluru City Corporation has decided to revise the current water rationing schedule.

As per the present schedule, water was being supplied for continuous four days (96 hours) followed by no water supply for three days (72 hours). However, now it has been decided to supply water for four continuous days whereafter the supply will be stopped for four days.

Water supply is likely to resume in the city from 6 am tomorrow (May 16) and continue till 6 am on May 20 whereafter pumping of water will be stopped till 6 am on May 24.

Meanwhile Mangaluru City South MLA D Vedavyas Kamath has urged people to offer prayers for the onset of monsoon.

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