Police chase and arrest a thief; valuables recovered

Team Udayavani, Oct 23, 2019, 11:25 AM IST

Udupi: Policemen on patrol duty, chased a man who attempted to escape from being questioned and was facing an allegation of domestic theft and arrested him near Diana Theatre on Monday morning October 21. The policemen were on patrol duty near Kukkikatte Railway Bridge when they noticed the accused.

The accused is identified as Rajesh Devadiga, a car driver from Padubidri Yellur and apparently, had stolen ornaments from a house near Dendurkatte, Manippura near Padubidri recently and was on the run.

SI Ananthapadmanabha of the town station here was on patrol duty near Kukkikatte Railway Bridge when a Maruti 800 car coming from the direction of Alevoor towards Beedinagudde approached the bridge. However, when the cops signaled the car to stop but Rajesh continued to drive away his car.

Suspicious of his behaviour, the police immediately chased the car and stopped Rajesh near Diana Theatre. They recovered gold ornaments weighing 13.560 grams, two cell phones, a laptop and other things all worth Rs 3.10 lakh together.

During interrogation, Rajesh confessed to have committed theft. A case in this regard was registered in the town police station here.

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