Post-tyre burst, SpiceJet flight from Dubai lands safely in Jaipur

PTI, Jun 12, 2019, 4:09 PM IST

Jaipur: A SpiceJet flight from Dubai with a burst tyre landed safely at the Jaipur international airport Wednesday, an official said. Passengers said they felt jerks but the landing was safe.

The Dubai air traffic control (ATC) had informed their counterparts in Jaipur about the tyre burst, when SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 took off from there.

Officiating director of the Jaipur airport, Rama Gupta, told PTI that the pilots were told to fly low around the airport and emergency procedures were activated.

“But the plane made a normal landing and no emergency situation arose, he said.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said the pilots were informed about the tyre burst by the Jaipur ATC as the aircraft was descending.

“The crew followed their procedures and landed safely,” the SpiceJet spokesperson said, adding that emergency landing wasn’t carried out.

A passenger said they were not aware of the matter till the landing of the flight.

“We came to know that something was wrong only after we came out and saw the fire brigade and other arrangements,” the passenger said.

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