Prajwal Revanna submitted false information in affidavit, alleges A Manju

Team Udayavani, May 15, 2019, 7:17 PM IST

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Hassan: BJP candidate from the constituency, A MAnju on Wednesday alleged that Prajwal Revanna, who is a partner in two companies, failed to mention it in his affidavit which he submitted before contesting the Lok Sabha election from Hassan.

Manju has alreday filed a complaint in this regard with the Election Commission (EC), Following which the EC has directed authorities concerned to take action for false disclosure.

Speaking on the issue Manju said tht a serious action will be taken against Prajwal Revanna for false disclosure.

He further added that the deputy commissioner has been directed to take action against Prajwal Revanna.

“We will wait and watch what punishment will be meted out to Prajwal. If disciplinary action is taken, then his candidature will become null and void,” he said.

He further added that if the allegations against hin are proved that the money obtained through partnership involves corruption, then Prajwal will not be allowed to contest the election for six years. Manju was confident that strict action will be taken against Prajwal.

A Manju was a Congress member before he joined the BJP on March 18. Manju was an MLA from Arkalgud constituency in Hassan. When Prajwal Revanna was announced as the candidate, he turned rebel and eventually quit the Congress. As soon as Manju joined the BJP, he was given a ticket from the party to contest against Prajwal Revanna from Hassan.

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