Precautions taken to arrest spread of Dengue: DC

Team Udayavani, Jul 18, 2019, 8:48 AM IST

Mangaluru: “The district administration has taken all kind of preventive measures over the spreading of dengue,” said Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil addressing the media here on Wednesday, July 17.

“We have formed close to 200 teams to take all kind of preventive measures over the spreading of dengue. The present weather is conducive for the rise of dengue related cases as there is no proper rain. These dengue mosquitoes breed from fresh water. The weather pattern is as such that there is no rain as expected in the near future,” said the DC.

“When there is fresh water logging and no rain for the next couple of days, it is enough for dengue mosquitoes to breed. From July 1, several cases were reported in Mangaluru, Sullia, Bantwal and Kadaba,” informed the Dc.

Preventive measures

“To prevent the disease, we need to dry up fresh water that is accumulated near residential areas. There is no need for people to panic. Preventive mechanism has to be done. This is a mosquito that files low and bites in daytime. As many as 352 positive cases are reported so far. Prevention is in our own hands. We have to dry out all the stagnant water. We are putting elaborate system in place. There are some cases reported at Kadaba and Sullia, while it has been treated well in Mangaluru city,” added Mr Senthil.

Toll gate issue

Speaking of the toll gate issue the DC said, “The toll gate contractor has asked for police protection. We will have a discussion with NHAI and come out with a decision. The protest has been called off for now.”

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