Revenue official arrested for taking bribe in Raj

Team Udayavani, Jan 20, 2018, 5:25 PM IST

Kota: A special unit of the Anti Corruption Bureau in Kota has arrested a Revenue official for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2,500, an ACB official said today.

The accused, Rakesh Meena was posted at Eklera Revenue office in Jhalawar district.

The arrest was made yesterday after a resident of Jhalawar district had lodged a complaint with the ACB against Meena, the Inspector of special unit of ACB, Kota, Ramesh Arya said.

According to the complainant, Meena had demanded a bribe of Rs 3,000 with a threat to notify one bigha of land possessed by him into five bigas and to charge the penalty for the same.

The ACB has also recovered some bank passbooks and other papers from his residence, Arya said, adding further investigation into the matter is underway.

The accused official would be produced before the ACB court in Kota today, Arya said.

Meena is the district president of the Jhalawar Patwar Sangh.

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