Road hump kills a youth

Team Udayavani, Dec 12, 2018, 11:30 AM IST

Kaup: In a tragic incident, a person riding his scooter lost his balance due to a hump, fell to the ground, hit his head against the road divider and breathed his last at Katpadi near here on Monday December 10th.

The deceased youth is identified as Ganesh Shetty (39), son of the late Muddu Shetty and Jalaja Shetty from Manipur near Katpadi. Ganesh was an electrician by profession. Apparently the unscientific road hump created here has caused the accident, blame the locals.

The Deadly Hump

Mr Ganesh had visited Koteshwar near Kundapur on some work on Monday. He was returning home in his scooter via Udupi and Katpadi when the accident happened at 11 pm. The road hump has been newly created at the spot where vehicles enter service road at Katpadi from highway. When negotiating the hump, the scooter went off balance and Mr Shetty fell on the road divider, grievously injuring his head, face and chest which claimed his life.

Post the incident, the seriously injured Ganesh was immediately transferred to the hospital but he lost his fight for life en-route.

Mr Ganesh was sole bread winner of his family and was supporting his widowed mother, spinster sister, wife and two young children. His demise has pushed his family into well of gloom.

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