Software documentation: Additional for govt doctors in rural areas

PHC doctors need to submit more than 22 software documents

Aaron D’mello, Oct 25, 2019, 12:08 PM IST

Kundapur: In order to improve administration and efficiency in government hospitals, the health department has implemented E-administration. But since there are no data entry operators at Primary Health Centres, it has become a major burden for the doctors here to daily submit more than 22 software documents. Consequently, it is coming in the way of proper nursing of the patients.

Since the E-administration came into effect, data concerning 22 separate software documents need to be submitted daily which include khazana, sakala, e-janma, Nikshay Aushadhi,  daily drugs and statistics, asha staffs, announcement and others.

No data entry operators

No data entry operators have been appointed at any PHCs in the state. There are altogether 61 and 79 PHCs in Udupi and DK districts respectively. Several posts lie vacant including the post of the clerk. At some places, the doctors have been forced to look after two hospitals as in-charge. Since the existing staffs lack computer knowledge, the doctors have to do this additional work by themselves.

Data input work takes more time

During season, more than 100 patients visit the PHCs in rural areas of Kundapur and Byndoor in a day. Since there is deadline for the submission of the data to the 22 software more-than-naught, the patients are compelled to inevitably wait for the doctor to get free. Since the doctor may also have the additional responsibility of another hospital as well, he must visit that hospital too. Amidst all the chaos and overbearing pressure, the doctors plead that justice be done to their profession.

All PHCs do not have staffs with computer knowledge. Hence, the documentation at most of the hospitals has to be done by the doctors themselves. Thus, instead giving attention to the patients, they are forced to do this work. In this connection, I have made a request on behalf of the association to provide data entry operators to all the Primary Health Centres – Dr| H Prakash Kumar Shetty, Superintendent, Government Medical Officers Association, Udupi

We have submitted a request to the health minister concerning the lack of staffs and appointment of data entry operators. Until the appointment, the existing doctors and staffs will inevitably have to do the additional work – Dr|Ashok, Dr|Ramakrishna Rao, Udupi and DK District Health Officers

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