Techie held for creating fake Instagram account of ex-colleague, posting objectionable content

Team Udayavani, Oct 19, 2019, 4:40 PM IST

Bengaluru: A 25-year-old software engineer was arrested by the police for allegedly creating a fake Instagram account of his former colleague and posting objectionable content.

The arrested, Nitin Achari is a native of Honnavar in Uttara Kannada and has been working at a tech company in Bengaluru where he and the woman, Sakshi (name changed) became friends.

Recently, Sakshi quit the job and joined another firm. It was when Nitin came to know that she had befriended another man that he reportedly began pestering her by calling frequently and picking up silly fights. Fed by his behaviour, Sakshi began avoiding Nitins calls which only angered him more.

In a bid to teach Sakshi a lesson, Nitin is said to have created an Instagram account in her name and uploaded objectionable pictures and messages. When Sakshi confronted him about the fake Instagram account he feigned ignorance and advised her to approach the police to trace the “real culprit”.

Later Sakshi lodged a complaint with the cybercrime police, who were able to trace the page back to Nitin. He was subsequently arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

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