Traffic violation: Rs 4 lakh levied in just three days

Team Udayavani, Sep 11, 2019, 1:57 PM IST

Mangaluru: With the implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Act, the city traffic police have already collected a Whopping Rs 3.9 lakh in fines in just three days by registering a total of 1,635 cases. Meanwhile, emission centres, insurance agents and the RTO office is witnessing a sudden rush of people wanting to ensure their papers are in order.

The highest number of cases were mostly for not wearing helmets, not wearing seat belt and motorists jumping signals, inform traffic police sources.

Sudden rush of people attempting to verify documents

The emission, insurance and RTO offices are witnessing a huge rush ahead of the implementation of the revised costly traffic fines. People, whose emission and insurance paperwork was not up to date, were seen rushing to the offices to get them rectified. A person at an emission centre informed that earlier, they used to hardly get 4-5 customers per day for emission test. But with the new act coming into effect, the centre is having a tough time coping with the number of customers..

Vehicle insurance demand rises

In the backdrop of the new MVA with drastic fines for traffic violation, vehicle insurance offices are flooded with vehicle owners wanting to renew their lapsed policies. There is a sudden rise in the requests for driving licence renewal, fitness certificate, document update and other work, informs a source from RTO.

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