Transgender survey: Apprehensive to provide information to the department

Aaron D’mello, Oct 11, 2019, 4:58 PM IST

Udupi: The district administration has come forward to conduct a survey concerning the transgender in the district to provide them with ID cards so that they can avail all government services and facilities.

Apprehensive to provide their identity

Earlier, when Hephsiba Rani Korlapati was the deputy commissioner of the district, she had come forward to conduct a survey of transgender in the district through the women and child department, but most of the transgender were apprehensive to provide their identity to the department.

Therefore, the district administration has decided to hand over this time’s survey of the third gender to an NGO which works for the development of the transgender.

282 transgender

There are 282 transgender in the district. Under the self-employment scheme, 47 people have availed a total loan of Rs 23 lakh at the rate of Rs 50,000 per head.

Various schemes

A loan of Rs 50,000 for self-employment can be availed through the Karnataka State Women Development Corporation. In that too, subsidy is provided to 50% of the provided amount. There are other scheme including Dhanashree Yojana, Maithri Yojana and rehabilitation of transgender programme.

Lack of documents

Most of the transgender in the district do not give importance to possess documents. Although some have documents, they contain their old name or address. Since they feel embarrassed to go to the concerned office to rectify the document , they end up deprived from government facilities.

Beggars menace by those from outstation!

People from the third gender who have come to the district from outstation are resorting to begging and illegal activity at bus stops and various tourist destinations. They are causing problem to the people at the toll gate and near Sri Krishna Math.

Awareness programme

The district administration is conducting programmes at schools, colleges to spread awareness regarding transgender among the society, parents as well as government officials. The district administration has also sent an order to the DDPI and DDPU to take essential action to spread awareness about transgender at PU colleges.

Essential encouragement

The department is providing all the essential encouragement to integrate transgender into the society. Soon after the completion of the survey, they will be provided with an ID card. Through this they can avail the various schemes and facilities being provided by the government – Gracy Gonsalves, Deputy Director, Woman and Child Development Department, Udupi

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