Udupi to get Round-the-clock water supply from today

Team Udayavani, Jun 19, 2019, 4:39 PM IST

Udupi: As the water level in the Baje dam across Swarna river had increased to 2.70 metres owing to rain, round-the-clock water supply will be started in Udupi city from Wednesday evening onwards, stated MLA, K. Raghupati Bhat in a press release issued here.

Mr Bhat said that he visited the Baje dam site at Baje village in Udupi district and that there was now increased inflow of water in the Swarna because of the rain in the district. The MLA also thanked the people of the city for patiently bearing with shortage of water.

Udupi city has been facing severe drinking water shortage since many weeks due to which water rationing was introduced. The city was divided into six zones and each zone was received water once in six days.

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