Unclaimed corpse cremated

Team Udayavani, Oct 23, 2019, 8:26 AM IST

Udupi: The corpse of an unidentified youth who lost his life in a road accident was given final rites by the traffic police with assistance from social worker Vishu Shetty Ambalapady as no information regarding the youth or his family could be found. The youth was cremated at the Hindu Crematorium at Beedinagudde.

On Oct 5th, a youth who was standing by the roadside along NH 66 to cross the highway was hit by an omni car which escape after the accident.

The seriously injured youth was admitted into Ajjarakadu district hospital but after inspeaction, the doctor declared him to be dead. Hence, the corpse was stored at the mortuary in the district hospital for the family to claim it. The only information the police had was that the name of the deceased was Nagesh (40). Based on the available information and in order to fid the family of the deceased, Udupi traffic police published an ad in the media.

Since the time limit had passed and as no one had turned up to claim the corpse, the police along with assistance from social worker Vishu Shetty Ambalapady, conducted the legal process and final laid the corpse to rest by performing its final rites at Beedinagudde Hindu Crematorium.

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