Underworld element Ravi Poojary escapes from jail in Senegal?

Major setback to his extradition attempt by Indian police

Team Udayavani, Jun 9, 2019, 8:01 AM IST

Mangaluru: There is information that the underworld element Ravi Poojary, who was arrested four months back in Senegal for the possession of a fake passport has reportedly been released from the jail there and has once again gone underground.

Due to this latest development, the Indian police attempts to extradite him in connection to several cases has met with a major setback.

Since three months, Mumbai and Bengaluru police have been continuously attempting to legally extradite Mr Poojary to India though the Indian Embassy at Dakar. Documents and evidences against him in over 25 cases were translated into French and submitted to the Court in there. Even while the possibility of his extradition was becoming a reality, Mr Poojary managed to get released from the jail there with assistance from the local police there.

According to the information provided to ‘Udayavani’ by credible sources, Ravi Poojary secured his bail and got released on Friday. It is being said that the local newspapers there have published reports regarding this. However, Bengaluru police have rejected this news.

Amidst this, there is a confusion regarding if Ravi Poojary has secured his bail from the court and then gone underground or if he managed to escape from the jail there by taking the locala police there into his confidence. The police need to clarify on this. Home Minister M B Patil was approached regarding this, but there was no reaction.

Major setback for the police

The attempt of the police to finally put an end to the criminal activity of underworld element Ravi Poojary who has been a nightmare for the businessmen and affluent folk of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujrat and other areas since the last two decades failed at the last moment. Hence the calculation of extraditing Mr Poojary to India similar to the extradition of Chota Rajan, Bannanje Raja from foreign countries has toppled on itself.

The investigation on the case against Ravi Poojary was conducted in the court there on May 15th. On that occasion, higher police officials from Mumbai were preparing to leave to Senegal and get the gangster back to India.

Ravi Poojary first entered Mumbai underworld from where he created his own team and then escaped abroad. There are several cases booked against him for various reasons including murder, protection money, contract killing, extortion and others at many locations throughout the country including Bengaluru and Mumbai. He was staying at some countries in western Africa and was arrested by Senegal police on January 21st on the accusation of possession of a fake passport.

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